Let’s Talk About LG C3 OLED: A Mix of Trouble and Awesome Views

Let’s Talk About LG C3 OLED: A Mix of Trouble and Awesome Views

I got LG’s fancy 65-inch C3 OLED TV, and I have to say that setting it up was like riding a roller coaster. To be honest, it was a real pain. LG’s TV and my network got into a big fight. Though it was annoying, here’s the catch: when a TV looks as good as the C3, you can’t hold a grudge.

Even though it has setup bumps, the C3 is brighter than OLEDs from a few years ago thanks to LG’s Evo panel tech. Of the screens in its price range, Samsung’s S90C is the brightest. However, this one works even better than that. It gets HDR highlights just right, as well as contrast, shadow detail, natural colors, and sharp contrast.

Setting up problems in LG C3 OLED: learning the hard way

Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to set up devices, but the C3 made me miss the bad old days when it was hard to do. The TV kept saying it was connected to my network even after I reset it and turned it off and on four times. But the connection failed every time I tried to open an app. It turned into a terrible loop.

We were able to get around the problem by changing the TV’s DNS IP Address to Google’s ( after having a video chat with LG support. It looks like the problem was caused by my network’s default DNS IP address. That’s strange, right? It’s good to know that LG may not have this problem very often.

Even with this problem, LG’s webOS smart system is still not as good as my favorites, such as Roku or Google TV. It works a little wonky, has a lot of ads, and the app store is hard to find your way around. However, webOS has grown stronger over time. It’s faster, and the extra features are cool, like being able to log in to apps on your phone. But if you don’t like it, you can just get a streaming stick.

Points of Style

Not much goes wrong when putting the C3 together. It took a while to screw in the pedestal stand, but it looks great. It’s a little thicker than some, but I like how solid it is. Don’t worry about bending the screen by accident. It looks great on the back, which has soft ridges and a cool cabinet for tech stuff.

The remote, on the other hand, needs a new look. LG’s big magic remote looks like it’s stuck in the ‘90s. Samsung’s tiny remote, which has solar power and USB-C, is much cooler. It wouldn’t hurt to make some changes.

A Little of Everything

Allow us to now talk about features. The C3 is a great choice whether you like movies or games. There are four HDMI 2.1 inputs, and all of them can handle 4K at up to 120 Hz. There are also gaming features like VRR and ALLM. The Game Optimizer is a treat for serious gamers, and the gaming hub has built-in cloud gaming from Amazon Luna and GeForce Now.

However, Samsung’s S90C lacks Dolby Vision, which is a very important feature for gamers. The C3 works with all the main HDR formats, which makes it better for streaming 4K content. It also has HDMI eARC/ARC for great sound and DTS audio, which is great for Blu-ray fans.

Friendly vibes for users

The C3 makes it easy to change settings when you’re using it. The C3 keeps things simple, even though there are a lot of settings in each of the different picture modes for SDR, HDR, and Dolby Vision content. It’s simple to get to settings and movie modes that look great right away.

A Treat for the Eyes

Let’s talk about what matters most: the picture quality. That screen on the C3 is truly amazing. Excellent black levels and high contrast make OLED a dream for video fans. The brightness, which is usually an issue with OLED, gets better here. It might not be as bright as the S90C, but the difference is so small that you can only tell in the HDR highlights that are very bright.

The C3 has a bit less vivid colors, but it really shines in shadows, especially in darker scenes. The anti-reflective screen makes it even brighter. The way motion is handled is great thanks to Cinematic Movement. It stops the stuttering that can happen in some shots on OLED screens.

That’s enough with the tech talk. Watching Stranger Things in 4K Dolby Vision is like going to a whole new world. That golden glow and rich color—the C3 does a great job.

The Last Word

However, Samsung’s S90C might be brighter and better for gaming, and the old C2 might be a better deal. But the C3 is hard to beat if you want one of the best high-end screens that won’t break the bank. Setting it up might be a pain, but the view is beautiful once you’re inside.